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10 Critical Issues to Address in Sales Training

DOLLAR SIGN“The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Sales,” one of the blog posts that sales consultant Grant Cardone has written for Entrepreneur, makes for a very good read. Because we believe the selling mistakes he cites are also important topics to cover in sales training, we invite you to take a closer look at them.

Grant Cardone’s 10 Mistakes

  • Selling offers, not solutions. Cardone recommends focusing on how your product solves three of your client’s most critical problems.
  • Depending too much on a sales presentation. “You being present is more important than the presentation,” Cardone writes. In other words, don’t just sit next to your prospect and watch your presentation. Your job as a salesperson is to sell.
  • Avoiding hard questions. Instead of hiding from them, get them out in the open. One example? “Why would you do business with me when you have done business with our competitor for a long time?”
  • Thinking that a low price will solve your customer’s problems. Customers want problems solved. Price, though important, is secondary.
  • Presenting without intending to close a sale. Rather than providing only information, show that you have solutions and are ready to move ahead to close the sale.
  • Not asking for a sale until late in a presentation. Cardone recommends saying “Have you seen enough information to make a decision?” early in a sales presentation, and at regular intervals. If the answer is no, the salesperson can continue.
  • Not stating the price until the end of a presentation. Cardone believes that stating your price early builds the impression that you are confident of the value of what you are selling. Plus, if your prospect says your price is too high, you can then focus on showing how it solves problems.
  • Failing to identify and address “influencers.” Even though the prospect is the most important decision-maker, the salesperson should find out who else must approve a purchase, then identify and address their concerns.
  • Offering a free trial. They cost your company money and, Cardone believes, rarely drive a decision to buy.
  • Not being urgent enough. Effective salespeople, Cardone believes, are willing to press a client to close a deal now.

We look forward to reading more of Grant Cardone’s blogs on selling. We think you will enjoy them too.

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