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Instructional Designer


Desiree Lackey brings a wealth of training experience to instructional design and development. She is a great listener and learner who loves to help Tortal clients identify and understand their learning objectives, and then to work with them to design training that exceeds their expectations.


Before joining Tortal, Desiree spent more than 20 years developing training for companies in a variety of sectors. Her first job was at UPS. “I was hired to do technical support,” she recalls, “but there was one fantastic trainer there who I really respected and I thought, `Wow, training is a fascinating thing to do.” From there, Desiree went on to work for a real estate company, for LexisNexis, and for a management company. At a certain point along the way, she discovered eLearning, and things really clicked for her. “I had studied psychology and was always intrigued with how people learn. Knowledge in any organization is critically important and if I can help people understand things, I love that, and I love to train!”

Desiree found Tortal Training when she saw a Facebook post that a Tortal employee had made. “It looked like a terrific company where a lot of great people worked. As soon as I researched the company, I knew it was where I wanted to be. So I sent in my resume . . . and it all fell into place.”

Getting Personal

Desiree lives not far from Tortal headquarters in North Carolina. She loves spending time with her two grown daughters who live nearby, and with her son, who is in the Army and stationed in nearby Fort Bragg. Plus, her son and daughter-in-law now have a son, whom she adores and sees whenever possible.

When her family is not available, Desiree spends time with Sebastian, her standard poodle. And she is a voracious reader, especially of biographies. “It is exciting to read about people who have accomplished great things,” she says. “I use what I learn when I am designing training. I think the human brain is fascinating, and how we learn is so interesting.”

You will be pleased that Desiree, a true life learner, is part of the Tortal Training team.