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Senior Instructional Designer


Matt brings keen skills and a “can do” attitude to everything he does to develop and deliver great training for Tortal clients. “It comes down to determining the client’s needs,” he says, “and then delivering them in a fantastic manner.”

Matt excels at every phase of learning development. He can be at those first meetings with clients to identify training goals. He likes the technical side of translating big ideas into training that pops on phones or screens. But he also loves thorny tasks like converting old courseware from old to newer tech, and jumping into projects at the midway point.

Because Matt Cole is part of the team, your project will be in great hands at Tortal.


After completing college, Matt launched his career in hospitality, where he was a party coordinator, supervisor and then, finally a trainer. He brought his new enthusiasm for training to Tortal when he began here more than four years ago, then added the latest computer and technical skills to become a top instructional designer.

“I did whatever they asked me to do,” Matt says with a laugh. That’s a modest way of saying that he soaks up knowledge like a sponge.

Getting Personal

Matt was born and raised in Florida. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the highly innovative Florida International University in Miami where he became, in his words, “Oriented toward making organizations work more efficiently, with a higher happiness level.”

Matt now lives in Charlotte, where he is part of a paintball team that plays what he calls “scenario games.” He loves a good sci-fi movie or series, and escapes by reading graphic novels. He is engaged to be married in October 2017.