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Aligning Training with Business Goals: Insights from Cordell Riley


Employee training and developmentCordell Riley, founder and President of Tortal Training, is enthusiastic about every aspect of training. But of all the topics that excite him, one of the biggest has to do with . . .

Aligning training with important company goals

In “Four Ways to Align Training Goals with Business,” his article that just appeared in Promotional Consultant Today, he outlines proactive steps to take. You’ll want to read the article. But let us give you a preview by briefly outlining the four steps that he recommends . . .

  • Keep your most important company objectives in mind when designing training. Are you striving to create a company known for delivering superlative customer satisfaction? That is a great objective, but reaching it means defining specifics that can get you there. “Start with the end in mind,” Cordell writes.
  • Break down the silo walls. The goal should be to develop training that does more than affect the performance of a single department. What if your trainers thought bigger and created instruction that improved performance across your entire organization?
  • Don’t create training in a vacuum. Make sure to engage training developers in conversations about a wider range of topics that are important to your company – not about a single job. Discuss what is happening in company sectors where performance is strong, talk about sales, your customer relationships, and more. Also review annual reports and other relevant material to be sure trainers have a big picture.
  • Tie your training to metrics. It is essential to develop a set of clear metrics to measure before and after training. It is the only way to understand what your training has accomplished and how much closer you are to meeting your goals.

Bigger Thinking Results in Bigger Improvements

Whether you are creating new training or reviewing what already have in place, we invite you to call and speak with a Tortal Training consultant.


Cordell Riley
Cordell Riley

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