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How AI Is Revolutionizing the World of Training . . . A Training Unleashed Interview with Neil Sahota, Visionary

AI Innovation

Evan Hackel recently interviewed Neil Sahota for Training Unleased. Because Neil’s insights are especially pertinent at this time when everyone seems to be thinking about Artificial Intelligence, we wanted to share them with you today.  Who is Neil Sahota? Neil Sahota is an IBM Master Inventor and World Wide Business Development Leader in the IBM Watson…

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What Do Ingaged Leaders Do that Is Different from What Other Leaders Do? 

Ingagement Leadership Management Advice

By Evan Hackel  In my new book Ingaged Leadership, I write that when leaders invite people to bring their beliefs, emotions, ambitions and hearts to a shared enterprise, extraordinary things happen. When everyone works together in Ingaged partnership, the organization becomes vastly more successful.   That’s the philosophy that I have been applying for many years in the organizations that I have led. I assume that it sounds interesting to…

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David Veech on Maintaining Productivity and Company Culture When Working Remotely

Covid-19 Leadership Remote Work

  Maintaining Productivity and Company Culture When Working Remotely A Training Unleashed conversation with David Veech On May 20, 2020, Training Unleashed’s host Evan Hackel was is joined by David Veech for a stimulating podcast. We are pleased to publish this edited transcript of their talk. David is an author, teacher, coach, consultant, and founder…

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Guest Post: How Your Company Could Benefit from a Team Skills Matrix

Human Resource Development Innovation Team Skills Matrix

By Ella Woodward It’s hard to find a business owner no matter the industry or size of business that hasn’t been impacted negatively, at least in some small way, by 2020. For some businesses, 2020 has created a devastating ripple effect throughout the company, affecting everything from the processes, to the products, to pricing, shipping,…

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Following Your Compass During Times of Change . . . A Training Unleashed Interview with Kris Girrell

Business Strategy Leadership Pandemic Recover

For more than 30 years, Kris Girrell has excelled as an organizational consultant, executive leadership coach, keynote speaker, and more.  He is founder of Innerworks Consulting, a Massachusetts-based consulting agency with clients in the pharmaceutical, financial, manufacturing, construction, and other sectors. Kris is the author of books that include A Guide to the Periodic Table…

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Younger Generations Bring an Entrepreneurial Outlook to Your Company

Management Advice Millennials

By Evan Hackel An excerpt from my new book Ingaging Leadership Meets the Younger Generation Members of older generations generally are generally cautious, and often observe organizational hierarchies before proposing ambitious plans within their organizations. Why? Because they have been taught to do so in their professional lives. And they are generally cautious. In contrast,…

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The Art of Delegation

Franchises Delegation

Do you know any highly successful businesspeople who are terrible at delegating? I don’t. And if you stop to think about it, I doubt that you know any either. That is because effective delegating is a vital business skill. And in my opinion, delegation is especially critical for franchise owners who want to grow their…

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Data Best Practices with Dr. John Johnson

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