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Food service employees need customer service training more than ever

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More people have been dining out recently because the Pandemic is easing. They are returning to luncheon spots and food concessions near their offices and places of work. They are also traveling more and eating in airports, at the hotels where they are staying and in nearby eateries. Other people simply enjoy the renewed freedom…

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Are you giving younger workers the best possible training?

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Lots of research shows that Millennials and other younger generations are committed to learning the latest skills and applying them to their jobs. For example, one major study from Gallup, “How Millennials Want to Work and Live,” reports these findings: 60% of younger generations say that the opportunity to gain experience and grow on the…

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A Simple Way to Transform Your Life with Positivity


By Barry Lenson In 1999, I had the privilege of co-writing a book, Simple Steps: Ten things you can do to create an exceptional life with Dr. Arthur Caliandro. Arthur was the Senior Minister at Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. He was a wonderful man. We met weekly during our writing project. Simple…

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Courseware solutions for budget-conscious organizations

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A training challenge that companies commonly encounter is budget. We hear it time and time again. So often, in fact, we have some courseware development options that won’t break the bank. Self-Authoring Tool Tortal’s Learning Management System (LMS) has a powerful course authoring tool that provides you with a do-it-yourself solution enabling companies to use…

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Over and over again . . . What Role Does Repetition Play in Effective Training?

Training Training Design

Have you ever walked through the wing of a music conservatory where the practice rooms are located? If you have, you have heard students  – pianists, violinists, brass players and others – practicing short musical phrases over and over again. They’re repeatedly playing difficult portions of the pieces they are learning. Why? The simple reason…

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Why You Need a Learning Management System


You are training your employees. But are you getting all the benefits that you should? Some questions to ask . . . Do you know exactly who is taking your training? Are you sure the right employees are enrolled in the right courses? Do you have excellent, up-to-date training courses and materials that teach the…

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Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: What You Need to Protect Your Business

Sexual Harassment Training

Did you know that federal law in the United States requires employers to provide mandatory sexual harassment prevention training for employees? Not only will providing the training help prevent abusive conduct in the workplace, it will also protect your company from lawsuits. Plus, a growing number of smart company leaders realize that training to help…

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