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Breakthrough Lessons from Andrew Fischer on People, Products and Profits

Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fischer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Choozle, a leading self-service digital marketing platform that powers media execution for over 800+ global advertisers. One of the challenges he faces? Onboarding new employees into a fast-paced, hectic business.
How does he do it? He shared some strategies a dynamite webinar about people, products and profits for Tortal’s Breakthrough Ideas in Training series.

We invite you to register for his webinar – it’s free of charge – but until you do, here are some of the insights that Andrew shared:

  • Why people, products and profits are the three keys to starting any new business.
  • All about the “Choozle Academy” that Andrew created to train customers to use their platform.
  • How to focus on profitability and revenue the right way during the startup phase of any business.
  • Why a welcome lunch” can be a great event that facilitates personal connections in a company.
  • Powerful strategies for using training to make startup companies more successful.
  • Why finding employees who can think big and solve big problems is a key to startup success.
  • The role that fun plays in the success of any business.
  • Why Andrew believes in offering training to customers.
  • Why attitude is the most important trait of any employee.
  • Why setting your company’s core values is critical to success.
  • Why recruiting and retaining the right individuals is the key to startup success.
  • Why training and onboarding the right way is a key to success in tech companies.
  • Why training should not just be something you do, it should be central to your company culture. 

Sounds Powerful? It Is! Why Not Register Now for Andrew’s Webinar?

If you haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t missed out. You can still register for all of this year’s free Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinars and watch them all. As a special thank-you for attending his webinar, Andrew is offering a private, one-on-one introduction to Choozle.


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