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Breakthrough Lessons from Cordell Riley: Training Wisdom from a Lifelong Learner

Cordell Riley
Cordell Riley

Cordell Riley, President of Tortal Training, has created a company that delivers on a deceptively simple promise to its clients . . .

“Make Effective Training Easy”

How has he built a training company that can do that? After all, any training process is built from a lot of “moving parts” that include technology, instructional design, psychology, measurement, and many more. How can training be made easy for clients? Part of the secret lies in Cordell’s philosophy of “lifelong learning,” which has helped him build a company where everyone is committed to learning and growth.

Yet there is more to it than that, as we discovered in Cordell’s recent webinar in Tortal’s Breakthrough Ideas in Training series. Here is some of the wisdom he shared:

  • Aligning training with company goals is the key to growth and success.
  • Every company recruits from the same employee pool . . . it is how employees are trained that makes companies exceptional.
  • Why any company must train front-line people to do their jobs in the right way.
  • Why the best training happens when ultimate business goals are part of the planning process.
  • How to recognize where the “big rocks” in your company are – and find ways to move them through training.
  • The best training aligns with larger trends.
  • How to “start with the end in mind” to create great training that gets results.
  • What “interactive” training really means. Hint: It is a two-way process.
  • Why the best training is “Instructor-lead, but participant-centered.”
  • The effectiveness of all learning is directly proportional to the amount of fun that trainees and trainers have.
  • Why trainees who are in the room are the best source of natural humor to use in training.
  • Why the best training happens when the perspectives of all departments and divisions are factored in.
  • How to use small rewards to enliven training and make it engaging and vibrant.
  • How to use Cordell’s “VAK Attack” model to make eLearning exciting and effective.
  • You really can create an organization where learning is central to everything.

Are Cordell Riley’s Ideas Powerful? They Are! Why Not Register Now for His Webinar?

If you haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t missed out. You can still register for all of this year’s free Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinars and watch them all.

As a special thank-you for attending his webinar, Cordell is offering free downloads of four great training handbooks from Tortal Training.


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Click here to sign up today


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