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3 Ways To Approach Training in Multiple Locations

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While there are countless ways to get creative with the process of training employees who are distributed across multiple locations, we can generally break the options into three different methods. 1. On-location, In-person Training. In other words, bringing everyone together and training them in the same room. Until recently, this has been the most common…

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Why Your Company Needs Training and Development

blog Franchises Training business franchises distributed workforce employee productivity employee retention employee training employees franchise training programs revenue training training and development

According to a publication by, an estimated 25% of employees leave their job because they don’t have a full understanding of how to complete the work they’ve been assigned and aren’t provided with any kind of on-the-job training. Flip to the other side of the coin, and those organizations that do offer training and…

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Why Every Employer Needs an Employee Handbook

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Good operating policy is the foundation for any successful business. Companies that are lax in this area are more likely to breed confusion among employees, and leave the door open for discourse in the workplace. A handbook that is well thought-out can govern the actions and expectations of both the employees and managers. It can…

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4 Tips for Keeping Employees Productive During the Holidays

blog Engagement Engagement Tips Management Advice Business employee productivity Engagement holiday productivity holidays HR management work life

Now that the fake spiders, Gremlin costumes and candy buckets from Halloween are all tucked away, it’s time for workers to get in gear for the holiday season. Getting your employees off to a running start is easy, but as the busyness of the holidays start to overwhelm them, helping employees stay productive is another…

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The 10 Cent Decision with Laurie Guest

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