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Why You Should Talk about Your Brand During Training

Branding Training

Employee training, and onboarding training especially, can do more than teach your workers the skills they need to do their jobs. Training can also teach your team about your brand. In fact, if you train new employees without explaining what your brand is or why your company is exceptional, you are missing an opportunity to…

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Breakthrough Lessons from Andrew Fischer on People, Products and Profits

Branding Innovation Management Advice Training Training Design Andrew Fisher Choozle Onboarding Startups

Andrew Fischer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Choozle, a leading self-service digital marketing platform that powers media execution for over 800+ global advertisers. One of the challenges he faces? Onboarding new employees into a fast-paced, hectic business. How does he do it? He shared some strategies a dynamite webinar about people, products and profits…

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What is Brand Training? Why Do You Need It?

Branding Training Training Design Brand Building Brand Training Branding Customer Experience Management

Have you ever had an experience like one of these? You were impressed by the service-oriented salespeople at the appliance store where you bought your new stove. But the people who came to deliver and install it were hurried and couldn’t answer your questions. Plus, they tracked dirt into your house. You visited a fast…

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Train Your People to Tell the World about Your Brand

Branding Training Training Design Brand Building Brand Messaging

Insights from our free eBook 3 Ways to Leverage Training and Build a Powerful Brand A consistent brand identity is the glue that connects every piece of your customer’s experience. From initial contact, to point of sale, to ongoing engagement, every touchpoint is a chance to fulfill your brand’s unique promise. Without that kind of…

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The 10 Cent Decision with Laurie Guest

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