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Six Critical Customer Service Skills Your Auto Service Personnel Should Know

Automobile Dealership Training Automobile Service Training Cordell Riley Customer Service Training

 According to the 2016 Maintenance & Repair Study conducted by Cox Automotive, 70% of new car buyers do not get their cars serviced at the dealerships where they bought them. If you are a new car dealer and only 30% of your customers use your service department, you are letting money slip through your fingers….

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Training Your Auto Service Staff to Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience

Automobile Dealership Training Automobile Service Training Customer Service Training automobile service training Customer Service Training

By Cordell Riley Every visit a customer makes to your service facility is like a mini-journey. When that trip is over, you want your customer to feel well-served, valued, and maybe even a little bit delighted. Great customer service training is what makes that happen. Let’s break your customer’s experience down to see how training…

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Training Lessons from a YouTube Video of an Angry Customer

Customer Service Training Food Service Training Hotel and Hospitality Training Restaurant Training Franchise Training

There are dozens of videos on YouTube that show angry or disgruntled customers. Some show customers behaving badly. Others show employees doing the same. They’re very unpleasant to watch, but many of them teach valuable lessons about how employees should be trained to work better with customers. Here’s one video – admittedly disturbing to watch…

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Unlock the Power of Training to Employees’ Strengths

Customer Service Training Innovation Training Training Design Customer Service Training Leadership Development Shep Hyken

“Everyone is different and as a result may have something special to bring to the table. Let them know how their personalities and unique strengths support your organization. Take advantages of these differences.” – “Embrace Uniqueness of Your Employees,” by Shep Hyken, Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog Could it be that better training results when…

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How to Get the Greatest ROI for Every Dollar You Spend on Hotel Training

Customer Service Training Hotel and Hospitality Training Customer Retention Hotel Staffing

All the employees who work for your hotel are in the customer service business. Although their jobs may differ, they all have the opportunity to offer memorable service that brings patrons back time and time again. Opportunities for Excellence To take your hotel’s service to the next level, consider extending customer service training to include…

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