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Train to Retain . . . understanding the link between better training and a better workforce

Employee Retention Engagement Engagement Tips Hiring Ingagement Leadership Training Management Advice

  When a new year begins, it is always interesting to read about trends.  If you invest just a little time looking around online, you will find plenty of opinions about technology trends, leadership trends, marketing trends, and the list of trends goes on and on. You will also find a lot of predictions about…

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Why Employees of All Kinds Deserve Good Training

Leadership Leadership Training Training Training Design Brad Federman F&H Solutions Group

  “Is Focusing on High Potentials a Blessing or a Blunder?,” a terrific article that our friend and training colleague Brad Federman recently posted on his F&H Solutions Group Blog, explores an issue that all professional trainers should be thinking about. Brad correctly observes that some companies place almost exclusive emphasis on singling out and…

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Harvard Business Review Article Explores Why Companies Fail to Promote from Within

Hiring Leadership Leadership Training Management Advice employee retention Retention

  “Why Companies Overlook Great Internal Job Candidates,” an article by Wade Burgess in the October 3 Harvard Business Review, explores why companies hire from the outside instead of promoting from within. Here are three reasons that Burgess cites: The company culture discourages “poaching” good candidates from other departments and sectors. Managers are unwilling to…

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Transform Your Leadership and Training with these Big Ideas from our 2016 Summer Webinars

Innovation Leadership Training Management Advice Sales Training Training Training Design Motivation Success Success Secrets

    We have aired 11 webinars so far this summer in our Breakthrough Ideas in Training series, and people are raving about what they have learned. In today’s post, we will share some of our favorite success secrets from our presenters. If you haven’t taken part in any webinars yet, we invite you to…

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Breakthrough Lessons from Brent Baldwin on Thinking World Class in Today’s Environment

Leadership Training Management Advice Brent Baldwin Leadership Advice Personal Development Success Think World Class World Class Thinking

Brent Baldwin, Founder and President of Think World Class, spent many years establishing an enviable record of success in real estate and other fields. At some point, he began to connect the dots and see that success in any endeavor comes from a strong foundation of personal development. He then founded Think World Class, and…

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Breakthrough Lessons from Meridith Elliott Powell’s Breakthrough Ideas Webinar: How to Use Storytelling to Make Your Training Stick

Leadership Training Training Training Design Business Growth Success Training

  Meridith Elliott Powell, one of today’s hottest experts on growing businesses, just happens to be a master trainer too. In her recent Breakthrough Ideas in Training webinar, she shared some of her instantly effective strategies for delivering training that engages trainees and “sticks.” Here are some takeaways that we learned from her webinar ….

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Why Not Build Your Success with these Gifts from Our Webinar Presenters?

Collaboration E-Learning Engagement Leadership Training Management Advice Training Training Design Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinars Webinars

  What’s the most important reason you should register for Tortal Training’s Breakthough Ideas in Training Webinars this month? With no doubt, the biggest reason to enroll is to increase your value and effectiveness. When experts like these are sharing their success secrets – and not charging you a fee for doing so – why…

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Breakthrough Lessons from Jeffrey Hayzlett’s Webinar: Why Thinking Big and Acting Bigger Will Make You a Better Leader

Leadership Training Management Advice Training Leadership

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a force of nature in the field of business leadership. He’s host of the “C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett” and “Executive Perspectives” shows on C-Suite TV, host of “All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett” on the CBS on-demand radio network Play.It. And that’s not all. He’s also Chairman of C-Suite Network and the author…

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Breakthrough Lessons from Susan Berkley’s Webinar: How to Train Your Voice for Success

Leadership Training Management Advice Training Branding Voice Training

You might think that the point of training your voice is to develop a big sound that fills a room. Well, that might be one reason for voice training. But as we learned from top voice coach Susan Berkley in the webinar she just gave for our Breakthrough Ideas in Training series, there is a…

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