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Tortal Training Summit Speaker Preview: Frank Clark, Co-Founder and CEO, Via Group Partners

Human Resource Development Leadership

If you want to maximize the performance of your organization from top to bottom, you simply don’t want to miss a session that the inspiring Frank Clark will present at the Tortal Learning Summit, coming up on June 9th and 10th. Register now. The topic of Frank’s talk will be, “How diversity, equity and inclusion…

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Training Unleashed Podcast Wrap-up . . . Insights from John Saunders on Creating Trust in the Workplace

Leadership Trust

On January 26, Training Unleashed was pleased to present a Podcast with author and leadership expert John Saunders, founder of Forward Advisory Solutions. In a conversation with Evan Hackel, host of Training Unleashed, John discussed a topic that is a perennial concern for all leaders . . . How to create trust in the workplace About…

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Following Your Compass During Times of Change . . . A Training Unleashed Interview with Kris Girrell

Business Strategy Leadership Pandemic Recover

For more than 30 years, Kris Girrell has excelled as an organizational consultant, executive leadership coach, keynote speaker, and more.  He is founder of Innerworks Consulting, a Massachusetts-based consulting agency with clients in the pharmaceutical, financial, manufacturing, construction, and other sectors. Kris is the author of books that include A Guide to the Periodic Table…

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Tap Ingaged Listening to Gain Deeper Customer Insights 

Ingagement Leadership

By Evan Hackel  Are you suffering from a lack of marketing data? I didn’t think you were. If you’re like most marketers today, you have way too much data, not way too little. You’re inundated with data from focus groups, customer surveys, online product reviews, analyses of prior marketing campaigns, and lots of other sources.   If you’re wading through reams of data, you already know that you are facing two basic…

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Why Your Training Department Needs to be at the Table During Strategic Planning

Leadership Management Advice Training Training Design

Many companies do not consider training when they are making long-range strategic plans. Some do include training in their planning, but don’t inform their training departments until afterwards. What a mistake. Training is critical when launching new initiatives. That is another way of saying, it is essential for growth and progress. When training has become…

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Why Training Cures Company Chaos

Leadership Management Advice Training

Have you or colleagues at work ever made a statement like this? “It’s total chaos around here today” It’s something we have all said at work at one point or another, usually when we can’t keep up with our workload. But we also know that when chaos reigns (and even when people in a company…

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What Do Great Athletic Coaches and Great Business Trainers Have in Common?

Coaching Collaboration Communications Ingagement Innovation Leadership Management Advice Mentoring Training Uncategorized

Do great athletic coaches and great trainers use the same strategies to get people to grow, exceed their own expectations, and succeed? We think they do. And a recent article that was published by Competitive Advantage supports that opinion. The article, “What Makes a Good Coach?”, outlines some winning traits of top athletic coaches. We…

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