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The Tortal Secret

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Shift Your Focus to the Positive

Engagement Tips Evan Hackel Ingaged Leadership Ingagement Leadership Management Advice Mentoring

I recommend telling people five positive things for every comment that could possibly be interpreted as negative – so in effect, you are operating on a ratio of 5 to 1 in positive versus ambiguous or less-than-positive communications. This practice will transform your leadership on the job, and it will produce surprising transformations in the…

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Evan Hackel Discusses Ingaged Leadership in New Up or Out Podcast

Ingaged Leadership Ingagement Leadership Management Advice Mentoring Evan Hackel

Evan Hackel just explained his philosophy of Ingaged Leadership in an interview with Connie Pheiff. Their conversation is now live on Connie’s Up or Out podcast platform – and we invite you to listen. As you know, Evan is our founder. He is also author of Ingaged Leadership: 31 Steps to Elevate Your Business, a…

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Business Coaching Lessons from Duke’s Inspiring Mike Krzyzewski

Coaching Mentoring Duke University Mike Krzyzewski NCAA Basketball Sports Coaching

  Mike Krzyzewski – Duke University’s legendary basketball coach known as “Coach K” – is one of the most respected and successful sports coaches in history.  He has not only builds winning teams, he has also changed the lives of countless players, changed the University where he has spent the last 30 years of his…

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The Age of Distributed Mentoring Has Arrived

Coaching Distributed Training E-Learning Mentoring Training Training Design Educational Design Remote Coaching Remote Mentoring

Way back in 2002, Fast Company published a case study, “Inside Intel’s Mentoring Movement,” that is still worth reading today. The author, Fara Warner, reported that Intel’s best mentoring practices included setting up “partnering relationships” between senior managers and younger trainees, having those pairs write down their expectations in “partnership contracts,” and allowing the mentor…

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Assist With Change Without Stepping on Toes with Michelle Geaghan

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