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How to Use Metrics to Measure and Improve Training

Evan Hackel Metrics and Measurement Training Training Design Key Performance Indicators Measuring Corporate Training Measuring Employee Training Training Analytics Training Performance Management

“If you aren’t measuring it, it probably isn’t happening.” –        Evan Hackel, CEO, Tortal Training   Evan Hackel is right. If you’re not measuring what your training is getting done, chances are nothing is changing. That means that if you are not using metrics to measure the effectiveness of your training, you have probably agreed…

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It’s Tomorrow! Register Today for Brannon Dreher’s Webinar on Sticky Training

Innovation Metrics and Measurement Training Training Design Sticky Training

  On March 22, 2017 at 12 noon EST, Tortal Training’s Client Engagement Manager Brannon Dreher will be giving a free Webinar on sticky training. The clock is ticking, so be sure to register now. From Forgettable to Sticky to Stickier to Stickiest Training “How much information do you think your employees retain after they…

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Top Posts from the Tortal Training Blog, 2016

Distributed Training E-Learning Employee Retention Engagement Engagement Tips Food Service Training Hotel and Hospitality Training Innovation Metrics and Measurement Mobile Training Online Training Restaurant Training ROI Sales Training Training Training Design

Our Editorial Team had a busy year researching and writing post for the Tortal Blog. Here’s a list for your review. If you see a post that you would like to read, just click on its name and it will open in a new window. All of us at Tortal Training wish you every success…

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Aligning Training with Business Goals: Insights from Cordell Riley

Metrics and Measurement Training Training Design Training Outsourcing

  Cordell Riley, founder and President of Tortal Training, is enthusiastic about every aspect of training. But of all the topics that excite him, one of the biggest has to do with . . . Aligning training with important company goals In “Four Ways to Align Training Goals with Business,” his article that just appeared…

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Case Study: How Better Training Boosts the Bottom Line

E-Learning Management Advice Metrics and Measurement ROI Training Training Design Profitability Training Case Studies training ROI

Most business leaders know that a comprehensive eLearning training program builds more consistent performance among employees, improves customer service, reduces the amount of time that managers spend training new employees, and provides other benefits that impact the bottom line. But do those same businesspeople also understand just how much a company’s overall profitability will grow…

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Don’t Forget Soft Metrics when Evaluating Training Success

Metrics and Measurement ROI Training Training Design Hard Metrics Measuring Training Success Soft Metrics

Because the first aim of training is to improve the way people do things, all training programs measure hard metrics like these after training is done: Are our salespeople making more sales calls, closing more sales, or increasing the size of the average order? Have our product assemblers increased their output and reduced the number…

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Basic Training: How to Use the ADDIE Framework to Design Better Training

Metrics and Measurement Mobile Training Online Training Training Training Design ADDIE Method Florida State University Training Methodology

Since the ADDIE training model was developed at Florida State University in 1975, training designers have added their own tweaks and improvements to the way it works. But despite all the refinements over the years, ADDIE is still worth knowing about. It provides a useful structure for planning and implementing your training. Let’s review the…

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What to Do when Trainees Complain during Live Training

Engagement Metrics and Measurement ROI Training Training Design Training Outsourcing Motivation Training Problem-Solving

If you plan your training with the help of experienced training consultants, it is highly unlikely that big problems will arise after your program begins. But even under the best of circumstances, trainees sometimes complain about what it taking place in the classroom. You could have some trainees who just like to gripe – or…

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Are Your Learners Using their New Skills after Training Ends?

Coaching Metrics and Measurement Training Design Training Lesson Design training ROI

  Are your trainees really using the new skills they learned in training? Here are seven strategies that can help assure that they are: During training, explain what you will be measuring later on. This sounds basic, but it can be effective. For example, if one of your goals is to have your salespeople follow…

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