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What Kind of Bilingual Training Do You Need?

Bilingual Training Restaurant Training Training Training Design Customer Service Training Food Service Training French-English Training Design Hospitality Training Spanish-English Training Design Training in Spanish and English

At first glance, you might think that designing bilingual training is simple. You have a workforce that speaks both English and another language, so you make sure your training materials are offered in two languages. But the fact is that if you are a training director at your company, there are several kinds of bilingual…

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Top Posts from the Tortal Training Blog, 2016

Distributed Training E-Learning Employee Retention Engagement Engagement Tips Food Service Training Hotel and Hospitality Training Innovation Metrics and Measurement Mobile Training Online Training Restaurant Training ROI Sales Training Training Training Design

Our Editorial Team had a busy year researching and writing post for the Tortal Blog. Here’s a list for your review. If you see a post that you would like to read, just click on its name and it will open in a new window. All of us at Tortal Training wish you every success…

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Critical Thinking: Why Good Trainers Are a Lot Like Good Leaders

Food Service Training Hotel and Hospitality Training Restaurant Training Sales Training Training Training Design Dale Ludwig Training Industry Blog Turpin Communication

We just enjoyed “Great Leaders and Great Trainers Have a Lot in Common,” a terrific blog post that Dale Ludwig published on the Training Industry Blog. Mr. Ludwig, the president and founder of Turpin Communication, shares some wise insights about why great trainers and great leaders have a lot in common. Here are three reasons…

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Training Lessons from a YouTube Video of an Angry Customer

Customer Service Training Food Service Training Hotel and Hospitality Training Restaurant Training Franchise Training

There are dozens of videos on YouTube that show angry or disgruntled customers. Some show customers behaving badly. Others show employees doing the same. They’re very unpleasant to watch, but many of them teach valuable lessons about how employees should be trained to work better with customers. Here’s one video – admittedly disturbing to watch…

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Four Ways Training Can Prevent Inspectors from Shutting Down Your Restaurant

Bilingual Training Food Service Training Hotel and Hospitality Training Restaurant Training Fire Safety OSHA Workplace Inspections

When inspectors shutter a restaurant or food concession, the most common reaction from the owners is, “I didn’t even know we were going to be inspected for that” or, “I had no idea we were in violation.” Unfortunately, ignorance is not a defense if government inspections find something wrong. And if your business is shut…

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Does Your Food Service Training Cover All Three Kinds of Contamination?

Bilingual Training Food Service Training Restaurant Training Food Contamination Prevention Food Safety Food Service Safety Training Restaurant Safety

Most food workers know that foods can become contaminated if they are allowed to contact uncooked foods or surfaces where raw foods were previously processed. One example? If your broiler chef puts a cooked steak back on the plate that held it prior to cooking, that’s a recipe for bacterial contamination. But bacterial contamination is…

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Why Your Restaurant Training Needs to Cover Food Allergies

Food Service Training Hotel and Hospitality Training Restaurant Training Food Allergies Food Allergy Training

Do you have a training program in place for your food service or restaurant employees? If so, are you teaching them about food allergies? If not, you are exposing your customers to risk – and your restaurant to possible legal action if customers have allergic reactions. The lesson? Make sure your food service training teaches…

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Food Service Training: What Is the Most Important Skill to Teach?

Food Service Training Restaurant Training Food Service Safety Training Hand Washing Restaurant Safety Training

What is the most critical skill to cover in your food service training? Here’s a hint: it pertains to something you do every day We have all seen signs in restaurant washrooms that say, “All employees must wash their hands before returning to work.” It is good that those signs are posted, because all restaurant…

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