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Which Delivery Medium Will Make Sure Your Training Gets Results?

Training Training Design Training Outsourcing

Navigating the new world of training delivery channels can be confusing in today’s environment. Do you bring everybody in for a class? Build some eLearning? Deliver the information via a Mobile app? The reality is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Your best solution depends on WHO your learners are, WHEN they will need the information…

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Which Modality Best Reaches Your Training Goals?

Mobile Training Online Training Training Training Design Training Outsourcing

You have a group of trainees. You have stuff you want to teach them – skills, behaviors or information you want them to absorb. That’s the usual situation before most companies start to design training. But what kind of training will most effectively deliver the knowledge you want to teach, and in the most cost-efficient…

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Ingaged Leadership Is the Best Strategy for Managing and Leading Younger Generations

Ingagement Innovation Leadership Management Advice Training

What is the most effective, simplest rule to follow when leading younger generations? It is to practice the Ingaged Leadership that I explain in this book. Ingaged Leadership is a style of management that “speaks” on every level to younger generations. If you listen well, provide autonomy, encourage risk-taking, and follow the other advice in…

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Tortal Training Launches New Course Development Tools and Services

Training Training Design Training Outsourcing

  Tortal Training Launches New Course Development Tools and Services Training, a leading training development company, is expanding its offerings with the introduction of two new services. The first is the Tortal Course Authoring Tool, a platform that allows clients to author and update their own course materials as needed. The second service seamlessly converts…

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Assist With Change Without Stepping on Toes with Michelle Geaghan

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