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Training Design

Be Proactive when Launching LMS Enhancements

Training Training Design

. . . an excerpt from our forthcoming eBook, Maximizing Your Learning Management System If you have ever been an administrator for an LMS, you know they are always being improved and enhanced with new features. It is good to continually improve business systems, but change is not always easy or smooth. For LMS administrators,…

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Why Training Plays a Critical Role in Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees

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Keeping employees from quitting their jobs after only a year or two is becoming a bigger challenge for many businesses across the county. Is it a problem for you? One recent article, “The New Reality of Employee Loyalty” that Peter K. Murdock wrote for Forbes, suggests that in order to keep new employees, companies should…

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How Positive Companies Do Training Well . . . and Negative Companies Do Training Badly

Innovation Leadership Training Training Design

Some companies have deeply embedded positive cultures, others negative. And in general, positive companies deliver training that motivates employees, while negative companies frustrate and demotivate everyone. However, there are specific practices that positive companies use to achieve motivational training results. Best Practices for Making New Hires Feel Great about Your Company You could get a…

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Which Delivery Medium Will Make Sure Your Training Gets Results?

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Navigating the new world of training delivery channels can be confusing in today’s environment. Do you bring everybody in for a class? Build some eLearning? Deliver the information via a Mobile app? The reality is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Your best solution depends on WHO your learners are, WHEN they will need the information…

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