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How Should We Change Our Thinking as the Pandemic Fades?

Please take a moment to think about the following two statements. I’m not making them up – these are things that I heard company leaders say during a recent video call.

  • “I am really eager to see how we will get back to normal and get back to work,” said a man who owns a construction company.
  • “We bought new computers, routers and other equipment for our work-at-home employees over the last year,” said the owner of a commercial real estate firm, “and I guess they won’t be needing it soon. ”

Those two people are asking questions that would have been smart before the pandemic. Now, not so much. You see, they’re overlooking some paradigm changes that have transformed the world of business during the pandemic:

  • There is no “normal” to get back to. Normal is gone. Unless we understand that we have to take our businesses somewhere new, not someplace old, we are marching our companies down a dead end.
  • People are not going to stop working from home so they can return to work. They are still going to need any equipment they might have purchased to set up home offices.
  • Also, people are not going to stop working more flexible schedules. They are not going to stop working from their homes, working from remote shared office facilities, working from public libraries, and from virtually anywhere that works for them.

How to Learn Recovery Thinking Fast

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