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The Tortal Secret

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Chris Tillman

Learning Strategist


Chris Tillman brings a wealth of experience and a keen sense of process to Tortal’s learning development team. “I really enjoy focusing in and helping clients identify their business needs,” he explains. “And from there, we are able to develop the best training solutions.”


Chris asks the right questions and listens. He brings that same goal-oriented, can-do attitude to all things in his life. Chris has a degree in business administration. After graduating college he began to work in sales development training in the telecommunications industry. Over time, he focused more and more on developing training in the account management and leadership development space. After connecting with the Tortal Team, things lined up and they brought him on board. You will be delighted to have Chris on your team.

Getting Personal

Chris enjoys the peace and quiet of Matthews, NC, just a short distance from Tortal headquarters. It is a community that he loves to support. He has a passion for the outdoors and likes fishing and playing basketball. Plus, he is adding a new pursuit – golf. Most of all, Chris loves to dote on his wife India and their two young daughters, Sydney and Khloe.

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