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The Coronavirus Situation: Why a Little Training Is Important Right Now

Whether you operate a hotel, a store, an eatery, a car repair facility or any other kind of business, you know that this is a challenging time. To be protected from infection, both your customers and employees need a special kind of care and attention. Everyone is worried, everyone is being pushed to perform at high levels, often despite the personal health risks involved.

With everyone overstressed and overworked, many companies aren’t even thinking about training their workers to help people who have special needs or concerns in this time of health crisis. Many companies are just throwing their employees out onto the front lines and relying on them to do what is necessary to protect themselves and customers, when it is necessary to do.

A Little Training Can Do So Much Right Now

If your company has been thinking, “We can’t even think about training our people to cope with the Coronavirus crisis, we have no time or resources,” we would urge you to think again. Even 15 minutes of focused training for employees at the start of the workday can do a lot to keep them calm and prepared. And feeling a lot better about performing their jobs.

Consider including these topics in brief training sessions . . .

  • Cover skills that are needed right now, like disinfecting your place of business.
  • Discuss procedures to follow if a colleague or a customer becomes ill.
  • Discuss resources your employees might need, such as emergency numbers for first aid squads, hospitals and local organizations.
  • Talk about stress and explain meditation, breathing and other skills that can help people cope with the stress of working during the current situation.

Investing just a few minutes in this kind of training can improve people’s mood and skills and build the kind of resiliency and confidence we all need right now.

All of us at Tortal Training wish you great health, real happiness as we get back to normal routines in the days and weeks to come.