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Tortal’s COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention Course

In an effort to help educate and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Tortal has created the above, free educational video.

For our LMS customers, we are providing the video as a free course (with assessment), included with our Out of the Box courseware. Adding the COVID-19 course to your LMS benefits your organization by providing the ability to track completion of this important content and ensure necessary measures have been taken to educate the workforce.

To have the COVID-19 course immediately activated in your LMS, please contact [email protected].

If you do not use Tortal’s LMS and are interested in receiving the course in SCORM format for your organization, please contact Brannon Dreher at 704-323-8953 option 2 or at [email protected].

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Professional Development courseware and online support not included.

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    Our LMS Features

    Make the most of your LMS with features that maximize engagement and improve knowledge retention. Tortal hand-selects features proven to boost company training programs and we ensure a successful implementation of your learning management system platform. Quizzes and gamification diversify the training and boost information retention, while customized metrics allow you to track the performance of employees during and after training. Learn more about our features below.

    OpenSesame Online Courses

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    OpenSesame seamlessly integrates into Tortal’s LMS to provide users with a catalogue of over 20,000 high-quality curated online training materials across 130 categories.

    Self-Authoring Tool

    Learn More

    Take all of your company’s training documents and videos, and turn the content into customized eLearning experiences and training material within the LMS.

    LMS Customizations

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    Tortal customizes your Learning Management System to your needs and requirements for both branding and custom training requirements.

    Metrics and Measurement

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    Track who is completing modules and units, as well as how they scored and how effectively they are applying their new skills and knowledge.

    Training on Mobile Devices

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    We specifically design training materials to be optimized for use on mobile devices, and our LMS is mobile optimized.


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    A training development company is only as good as the level of support it provides. We’re always here to answer questions, modify learning materials, resolve technical issues, and help with any other questions you have.


    Our LMS is currently integrated with PayPal and, but can integrate with any e-commerce solution. This allows clients to charge for training when needed. Tortal's LMS also has the ability to accept coupon codes.

    Optional Add On:
    Tortal Learning Library

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    You need not spend time and money developing unique content to teach widely-known competencies. Tortal Learning Library services offer quick learning solutions that can be deployed in hours.

    Benefits of a Learning Management System

    Learning management systems were designed so that all members of the team, from top managers to employees, have quick access to online training courses and content. At Tortal, we take that a step further. Our LMS guides employees along the process, ensuring that they not only learn the material — they actually apply it.

    We empower training and HR departments by customizing Tortal’s LMS training software platform to meet their company’s goals. Transitioning to an LMS ultimately saves these teams hundreds of hours so they can focus their energy on improving the company rather than training and re-training.

    Safe and Easy Access

    An LMS is an online hub kept safe by password protection. Online training materials are uploaded and then available to all authorized learners in real-time.

    Results and Reporting

    Managers have access to view staff members who have yet to fulfill training obligations.

    Customizable Dashboards

    Each employee can access his or her own dashboard where required training is uploaded.


    Certain trainings are required in order for an organization to stay compliant. The LMS training platform assists in addressing any non-compliance issues.

    Complete Training Management

    The LMS handles all tasks related to the delivery and management of eLearning materials. Enrollments, course completions and reporting tasks are done in a single hub.

    New Hire Training

    An LMS can house all of the online training materials required for a new employee to complete and get up to date on his or her training. Managers can easily enroll a new employee in an onboarding eLearning course within the LMS platform and track his or her advancements by using the materials.

    Strengthen Your Franchise Training with an LMS

    Consistency is extremely important in the franchise world. When customers visit a location anywhere from Alabama or Washington, they expect to receive the same — or at least similar — service. An LMS helps ensure consistency in franchise training by providing online courses across the entire organization.

    Franchise owners may gain a good understanding of the brand and its operations during the initial training organization, but what about when it’s time to instill brand values into new employees? And what training options are available when the brand updates its vision or values, or introduces new products, services, or systems of operation? Franchise owners and employees need immediate access to training courses so they can have frequent, consistent learning opportunities across the entire franchise.

    An LMS eliminates the need for costly on-site training, while speeding up the process of getting updated training materials to everyone who needs them. An LMS also includes tools to assess and measure progress of individual employees and groups of employees.

    Why Tortal

    We are a learning company first; every service we offer is designed to help your organization provide improved learning solutions to your leaders, employees, and customers. Our intuitive training tools are effective at boosting engagement, information retention, and course completion, and our strategic methodologies are customized to help businesses reach their goals and achieve sustainable results.

    We also offer high-quality customer support that puts people first. We are quick to mobilize our support team to provide immediate solutions and answers to your questions. Learn more about our support team here.

    What Tortal Clients Are Saying

    “Our company had been using the same LMS for many years. It was no longer meeting our expectations, so I started to research some alternatives. Tortal kept cropping up in conversations and the feedback was consistently awesome. I spoke to them at the IFA convention and two years later after several LMSs were vetted, we have decided to go with Tortal.

    We signed our contract last week and we’re very excited. The staff at Tortal (especially Brannon) has been over-the-top supportive. They have addressed every single concern we had and we’ve had quite a few over that two year period (I have several pages of notes). Their patience, understanding, and kindness is apparently limitless. It took us two years to make a decision because switching LMSs is terrifying. You want to make sure that the process is going to be seamless for your clients and not be a headache for you.

    We are just starting the implementation process now and I have no doubt that this is going to be the best thing we’ve done for our company and our clients lately. Thank you guys. We are really looking forward to working with you.”

    — Briana Wentworth, General Manager Manager of Profit Mastery

    “The design curriculum helped us understand our business better by breaking down each individual workflow and helped identify our process. We then set priorities and set action steps to accomplish our goals.”

    — Kevin Lowther, CEO & Director of Poverty Dignified, Inc.

    “Our company has had a virtual meeting with Tortal Support as well as two related support tickets. I was very impressed with the support team’s professionalism and knowledge. They provided detailed explanations and examples of how to use your API which made our integration much easier. I am very appreciative of anyone that makes my work easier. Thanks Tortal Support!”

    — Scott Haeger, 101 Mobility

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