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Journalism in the fog of 'high conflict': Q&A with Amanda Ripley - American  Press Institute
Amanda Ripley

Something important is happening right now at the Training Unleashed Book Club, where author Amanda Ripley is leading discussions about her bestselling book High Conflict.

If you aren’t participating in the Training Unleashed Book Club, you should register today. If you get started now, you will still be able to take part in discussions that will help you explore issues like these . . .

  • Do you know what the four accelerants are that can trigger high conflict in your organization . . . and do you know how to handle them?
  • Have you ever experienced good conflict . . . and were you able to recognize it and take advantage of it?
  • Are you anchored in considerations of who is right and who is wrong when conflicts arise . . . and can you learn to see the bigger picture?