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Custom E-Learning Courseware Design and Development

What Is Custom E-Learning Courseware Design and Development?

Virtual training sessions offer a cost-effective way to deliver the right type of tools to members of an organization. With E-Learning Courseware Design and Development services from Tortal Training, training programs are customized to optimize results.

Benefits of Custom E-Learning

Designing an E-Learning Course specific for an organization allows companies to provide training that is a step away from the one-size-fits-all approach. Each business is unique, and in turn, requires courses that are geared specifically to their needs.

  • E-Learning Design: The latest tools are utilized to deliver real-time training to members of an organization.
  • Custom Training: Our development team works side-by-side with an organization to create an ideal learning environment.
  • Unique scenarios: E-Learning Courseware will include scenarios and data that are pertinent only to the organization’s sector. For instance, sexual harassment training can be conducted online in businesses that have experienced past complaints.
  • Interactive: The interactive experience presented in video-based training, games, chat areas and more improves user engagement.
  • Leverage 4D Process: Tortal Training handles every step of the process from courseware needs assessment to design and deployment.
  • Cloud-Based Access: Training materials are accessible online at any location by smart phones, tablets and computers.

Why Tortal?

Tortal Training has the expertise to develop, deploy and support of all e-learning materials. With a customized solution for each client, virtual-learning materials provide superior training opportunities. Our development team has worked with companies that have complex and varied workforces, and delivered products that ensured measurable long-term results.

Custom E-Learning FAQs

  1. Are e-courses only offered online?
    Although most organizations prefer online development and delivery, additional options are available. For instance, e-courses can be downloaded via CDs or DVDs. Podcasts are another form of training that can be developed if that is the best way to reach the target audience.

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