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As an eLearning service provider, we strive to not only provide LMS training software, but also educate our clients about eLearning and employee training strategies. Browse our collection of free eBooks to learn how to create, implement, and improve your online and in-person training programs. Our eBooks cover employee training strategy, corporate training strategy, best practices for LMS platforms, and much more. We even have eBooks for specific industries, such as our eBook “6 Critical Skills for Restaurant Food Safety Training” for those working in the food service industry.

We are constantly adding to our collection in order to best serve our clients. Tortal’s eBooks can be referenced by training professionals who are familiar with these concepts or by employees or leaders with little experience in the training industry. We invite you to return to this virtual library and use these resources whenever you need them. Simply scroll down to the cards below and click “Download eBook” to learn more about the book. After clicking the link to the specific eBook, you will be able to download your Tortal eBook for free. We hope you enjoy reading!

If you have any questions about launching a new training program development strategy or LMS training software that is not covered in these eBooks, please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with a learning expert.

3 Ways to Leverage Training and Build a Powerful Brand

Brand consistency is the glue that connects every piece of your customer’s experience together. From initial contact, to point of sale, to ongoing engagement, every touchpoint is a chance to fulfill your brand’s unique promise. So, where does it all start? Brand consistency starts with employee training. In This eBook, You’ll Learn: The 3 most common... Read More

6 Tips Distributed Workforce

Traditionally, in order to increase their bottom line, companies would rely on strenuous sales goals or cuts to line items. They’re missing the opportunity that’s been right in front of them; effective training & development! In This eBook, You’ll Learn: How to add significant revenue with one simple training technique 3 ways to approach training... Read More

10 Critical Considerations LP

In this eBook, you’ll learn: Why most organizations don’t get great ROI on training Questions your training partner should ask you What you need to know before hiring a training development company The Tortal Training Experience Start training a better workforce today by downloading the free ebook now! Read More