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Why Are Strategies For Using Your LMS Important? Although your LMS is turnkey, it can only do wonderful things if you learn to use it correctly. Learn how to get the most out of your learning management system with advice from our learning experts. In this eBook you will find how to: 1. Identify your... Read More

Death of Flash

How to Prepare Your Training for the Death of the Flash Player By now you have heard the news that Adobe will discontinue distribution and support of its Flash media player by the end of calendar year 2020. How can you prepare for the impending death of Flash? Do you need to toss all your... Read More

Seven Strategies for Increasing Your Training ROI

This eBook is all about getting big results from simple ideas. All the strategies it contains might sound simple, maybe even obvious. But make no mistake about it. If you apply the lessons in the pages ahead, you will realize outsize results in the ROI you receive for every training dollar you spend. Your employees will also... Read More

Seven Proven Ways to Get Much More from Your Training

It takes most training designers years to master their craft. They learn by trial and error, by designing and launching programs that either achieve the results they want, or fail to do so. There is nothing wrong with learning by trial and error. We all do it, but it does take time. And in the end, the... Read More

How to Create Dramatically Better Training in Ten Simple Steps

Do you start to worry whenever it is time to revise your training programs? And when it is time to actually create new training programs, are you filled with feelings of hesitation, trepidation . . . and maybe even dread? Do you foresee sitting in endless meetings, embarking on a complex process . . . or worse?... Read More

6 Critical Skills for Restaurant Food Safety Training

In This eBook, You’ll Learn: Why There’s a Critical Need for Food Service Training Today Customer Service Essentials for Food Service Workers Basic Food Safety Cooking Times and Temperatures Food Allergens Hand Washing and Personal Hygiene Avoiding Violations How to Deliver Training that’s Thorough, Economical and Flexible Start training a better workforce today by downloading... Read More

Bridging the Generation Gap

With many baby boomers in management or executive positions, their ability to effectively communicate and elicit productivity from the millennial generation is vital to an organization’s success. Similarly, if millennials don’t feel like they’re taken seriously, or that they haven’t been properly taught how to do their job, they will quickly lose interest and jump... Read More

3 Ways to Leverage Training and Build a Powerful Brand

Brand consistency is the glue that connects every piece of your customer’s experience together. From initial contact, to point of sale, to ongoing engagement, every touchpoint is a chance to fulfill your brand’s unique promise. So, where does it all start? Brand consistency starts with employee training. In This eBook, You’ll Learn: The 3 most common... Read More

6 Tips Distributed Workforce

Traditionally, in order to increase their bottom line, companies would rely on strenuous sales goals or cuts to line items. They’re missing the opportunity that’s been right in front of them; effective training & development! In This eBook, You’ll Learn: How to add significant revenue with one simple training technique 3 ways to approach training... Read More

10 Critical Considerations LP

In this eBook, you’ll learn: Why most organizations don’t get great ROI on training Questions your training partner should ask you What you need to know before hiring a training development company The Tortal Training Experience Start training a better workforce today by downloading the free ebook now! Read More

The 10 Cent Decision with Laurie Guest

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