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Elizabeth Lotardo on Establishing a Noble Purpose

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Elizabeth Lotardo

In today’s post, we want to give you an overview of some powerful concepts from Elizabeth Lotardo about establishing a noble purpose. Her advice can be applied to leadership, to managing, to training, to selling, to your personal life  . . . and so much more.

The following nuggets of wisdom come from a recent Training Unleashed Podcast that Elizabeth offered to members of the Tortal Training community. Her host was our own Evan Hackel.

About Elizabeth Lotardo

Elizabeth Lotardo is a consultant, researcher, and co-author of Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work that Makes You Proud.

As the VP of Services at sales leadership consultancy McLeod & More, Elizabeth leads sales transformation initiatives for clients like Oracle, G Adventures, and Fiserv. She is a popular LinkedInLearning author, and her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on NPR.

With an undergraduate degree in advertising from Boston University and a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, Elizabeth has enabled firms to drive employee engagement, competitive differentiation, and ultimately revenue.

Excerpts from Elizabeth’s Training Unleashed Podcast with Evan Hackel

Evan Hackel: I’m going to start with a really basic question. What is the noble purpose?

Elizabeth Lotardo: A noble purpose is a declarative statement about the impact you make on someone else. Some people call it a mission or vision. We call it noble purpose. It is the essence of why you exist as a business or why you exist as a person.

Evan: I love it, I have a noble purpose as a person myself, which is to deeply connect with every person that I come in contact with. So I always call it a personal vision, but I can see it being a noble purpose. But could you share an example for a business of a noble purpose, maybe some businesses that we can relate to?

Elizabeth: Sure. We hear a lot about the sexy brands, right? Patagonia and the Container Store and Whole Foods. And those businesses are great. They are truly purpose-driven businesses. But there are a lot of other less sexy businesses that deserve a lot of credit. They have leaders who are leading their organizations with purpose, who are training with purpose, who are using their sales team to communicate that purpose.

Some of my favorites are a client of ours, Atlantic Capital Bank. They’re a commercial bank and they’re noble. We work with another company, which is an I.T. services firm. They’re built on noble purposes: “We make small businesses more successful.”

We have worked with the Dave & Buster’s sales team. They’re built on noble purposes. When you start digging in deeper, you can see how these businesses who make up the fabric of our lives are truly noble in their intent.

Evan: That’s very, very energizing. So I’m going to ask the obvious question, what is your company’s noble purpose?

Elizabeth: Our company’s noble purpose is we help leaders drive revenue and do work that makes them proud. And that is where it really comes to life. A lot of the purpose conversation focuses on CSR, social responsibility, and things like that.

And the sales side focuses on numbers. We specialize in bringing those two things together, marrying the money and the meaning, so that purpose is born.

Evan: How long have you been helping businesses define their purpose?

Elizabeth: Well, I think all of us have been involved in the concept of purpose-driven businesses throughout our careers.

I’m sure you’ve seen companies who capture your attention differently than companies that annoy you. And when it boils down to purpose, it’s really obvious from a consumer perspective where companies stand.

But I think my personal journey with this started out of my own experience as someone who wanted purpose-driven work, as someone who was really interested in communication. I started out my career in the advertising industry. I wanted to see how this played out in an internal communication perspective, how we can use words and beliefs and visuals to foster this feeling of purpose and people, which is exactly what advertising is. It’s exactly what internal communication is. And in a lot of senses, it’s what leadership is. So I think the foundation of my core being has played out in a couple of different ways.

The noble purpose version is definitely the most noteworthy to date, but all of us have had those experiences that let us see how powerful purpose can be in a business setting.

Evan: So, as you know, we’re all about training here. Our believe if that most companies don’t invest in training. They either don’t invest anything, or they don’t invest enough, or they don’t do it right. But if you do it right, you unleash the power of growth and profitability. So how do you take your message about purpose into the training world?

Elizabeth: Organizations that do invest in training see a huge return. It’s really easy to let a concept like purpose become esoteric. But what we know is that it’s a skill you can teach.

Being a purpose-driven leader or purpose driven employee is a learnable practice, and the way you learn it is through closely connecting with the impact you have on others.

We Invite You to Listen to the Rest of Elizabeth’s Dynamite Training Unleashed Podcast!

There’s so much more we can learn from her. CLICK HERE to start listening to her Training Unleashed podcast with Evan Hackel.

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