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Why Your Franchise Needs to Start Using a Learning Management System Today

Businesses of all kinds are discovering the many ways that a Learning Management System (LMS) can improve their training.

Those companies know that an LMS can deliver benefits like these:

  • Tracking enrollments and participation – An LMS can track how many people have started taking courses, how many have completed them, how many have abandoned training, and other critical data. An LMS can also report how well enrollees have performed on embedded quizzes and tests. There are reports of all kinds, all available in real time.
  • Delivering training strategically – Using an LMS, a training department can designate which courses can be accessed executives, managers, front-line staffers and other classes of employees.
  • Awarding certifications and awards – When employees complete their studies, they get rewards.
  • Customizing content – Employees in Ohio can take versions of training that includes videos that show company locations in Ohio, for example, and products that are available there. And when training materials need to be updated, the LMS makes that process easier.
  • Automating communications – A week after trainees complete their work, for example, they can get reminders to start using what they learned. Companies can strategically communicate what they need to, when they need to, through their LMS.
  • Tracking metrics – If you want to monitor the effects that your training is having, you can define trackable benchmarks and use your LMS to measure the results of your training.

Now, Get Ready to Revolutionize Learning in Your Franchise

A modern, full-featured LMS can handle all those functions. That is impressive. But if you stop to consider the additional benefits an LMS offers within a franchise system, your jaw could literally drop. Those capabilities become even more powerful in a franchise, for reasons like these:

  • The structures of franchises are highly stratified – You could have executives in franchise headquarters, a franchise sales teams that’s prospecting for new franchisees, a marketing team, new franchisees, ranks of managers who work at different locations, front-line employees, technicians, and more. A modern LMS, like the one that has been developed by Tortal Training, lets you deliver the right training to the right people strategically through the ranks. Plus, you will know who is completing your training, how they are scoring on tests, and more.
  • Many franchises operate in different locations – Your LMS can deliver your training to employees wherever they are located, and track what they have learned. The result? Managing your entire training operation becomes a unified process, much like training one group of employees in one location.
  • Things are always changing in franchises – You need new, targeted training because you’re launching a new product in the Midwest, opening a new kind of store in New England, and you’re doing it all at the same time. Meanwhile, you have to keep monitoring and reinforcing the training you already have in place. Your modern LMS makes it manageable to juggle all those balls at the same time.

Does It Sound Too Good to Be True?

Perhaps it is. But instead of dwelling on that, why not get started putting the power of a modern LMS to work in your franchise? I can predict that if you do, you will never look back.

Evan Hackel





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