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Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

Can Tortal Support help me with issues I have with the learning center?

Yes we can. Please contact your administrator with the issue you are having. If your administrator is unable to solve the issue, we will be properly notified and will open a case to investigate the issue and provide a prompt solution. Your administrator’s contact information is usually located at the bottom-center area of your learning center.

Who should I contact for help with my courses?

Please contact your administrator as that is the person knowledgeable in the courses you have been assigned/enrolled and can provide training assistance.  Your administrator’s contact information is usually located at the bottom-center area of your learning center.

How do I see my scores and certificates (if any)?

Log onto your learning center and navigate to the “My Information” page.  On the left side panel, please see the “My Transcripts” and “My Certificates” link.  You can print or export your transcripts and certificates from those links.

I can't access my learning center. I type in the URL: https://www.[mylms] (where [MyLMS] stands for your company/organization name) and just get the home page.

Please type in your company/organization name without the www. in the URL, such as this: https://[MyLMS]

What’s the difference between a lesson and a course?

A course contains one or more lessons. Lessons cannot be assigned to a learner without being setup within a course.

Why can’t I enroll a learner is a course?

The learner is most likely already enrolled in the course. In most cases, the learner was enrolled as part of a group enrollment or auto-enrolled in COE when they were added to the system. Therefore, cannot be re-enrolled. If you can’t see the course in the enrollment list, it means they’re most likely already enrolled.

I’ve completed a lesson(s) within a course, but see the course under My Current Enrollments as not completed.

Make sure to check your completed enrollments. Sometimes a learner is reenrolled in a course automatically, so although the learner did complete the course, they were re-enrolled after the fact.

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