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Give Your Company the Gift of Great Training in Year 2020

Employee training and developmentHow did your organization perform in calendar year 2019?

Hopefully, you will smile when you ask yourself that question, and start to list all the things that went remarkably well. Maybe you saw sales increase, launched a successful new product, opened three new locations, or hired some terrific new employees.

But chances are you had some less positive thoughts too – and you know what they were. Maybe your sales team struggled, you had to close a retail location that was not profitable, you just couldn’t get your people to use all the features of a new point of sale or other computer system, or maybe something really bad happened, like an employee turned out to be dishonest.

Okay, bad things do happen, and you should list them. But as we look forward to year 2020, all of us at Tortal Training would like to point out something very positive . . .

The bad things that happened in year 2019 can be corrected with training

Sales can be increased dramatically. You can improve customer service, satisfaction and repeat business. Utilization of your systems can be improved. Employee turnover can be reduced. Employees can learn to be on the lookout for dishonest behavior, can improve your ability to protect your company data, and can take other steps to improve your company’s security. You can increase the number of employees who take and benefit from your company training. You can make sure your employees in all your locations are taking your training and are using what they learned.

So, What’s on Your “Bad” List?

With the right outlook and the right plans, you can turn your 2019 disappointments into 2020 achievements. How? Simply by offering the right training.

To learn how, contact Tortal Training today. We’re here to help you succeed through training.

All of us at Tortal Training wish you wonderful holidays and the most successful new year ever.