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Give Your Training a Spring Update with Tortal’s Course Authoring Tool

If you are a Tortal client, we have some great news for you. You are entitled to use Tortal’s Course Authoring Tool, part of Tortal’s Learning Management System (LMS) suite of tools,  at no additional charge. You can use this innovative, groundbreaking resource to create new training courses or to update your older training materials.

Now would be a great time to use the Course Authoring Tool to give your older training materials an upgrade – in effect, a spring cleaning – at no additional cost to you.

How can you upgrade older materials quickly and conveniently, using the Course Authoring Tool? Here are some possibilities to consider.

Update Older Scripts

If you have been using older training programs for only a few years, chances are that they need upgrading. Thanks to the Course Authoring Tool, you can easily replace old text with new. And you can do it yourself, since there is no need to hire a professional course designer.

Convert Old Flash-Based Audio and Video Files to Run in the Latest Formats

No need to toss old media because Flash has gone away. Using the Course Authoring Tool, you can upgrade your old videos to run in the latest formats so they will play on mobile devices, tablets – wherever your employees train. And again, there is no need to hire a costly course designer to upgrade your media. You can do it, more easily than you thought possible.

Easily Drop in New Lessons and Modules

If you want to expand a training course by adding new lessons and materials and have them match the format and look of what surrounds them, The Course Authoring Tool lets you do it seamlessly. Why toss old courses when you can upgrade them at zero expense?

Create and Insert New Videos Where You Want

If you create a new video – using your phone, an online meeting utility like Zoom or any other tool – Tortal’s Course Authoring Tool lets you easily add it to an existing course. You can even drop in a video that you find on YouTube or another online source. (Be mindful of copyright issues, of course.)

Getting to “Wow, it’s a brand new course” at a fraction of the time and expense . . .

Want to know more about using Tortal’s industry-changing Course Authoring Tool and Learning Management System?

CLICK HERE to learn more. And remember, answers are only a phone call away. Call a Tortal Training expert now at (704) 323-8953.


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