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Guest Post: How Your Company Could Benefit from a Team Skills Matrix

By Ella Woodward

It’s hard to find a business owner no matter the industry or size of business that hasn’t been impacted negatively, at least in some small way, by 2020. For some businesses, 2020 has created a devastating ripple effect throughout the company, affecting everything from the processes, to the products, to pricing, shipping, to the employees, and even the company structure itself. This has left plenty of companies tightening up the straps and looking for ways to recover and move forward in a positive and effective manner.

While there are certainly all kinds of ways to go about this, what people like operations managers, HR managers, and other leaders in the company can find incredibly helpful is an automated team skills matrix. But what exactly is this, and how will this help the company in the long-run? Well, there are a number of layers to it.

What is a Team Skills Matrix?

First things first, it’s important to get a clear idea of what a team skills matrix is. In a nutshell, a skills matrix is meant to help you keep track of your staff’s proficiencies, skills, and strong points. This can be applied to the entire business, or just to a particular department that you want more insight on.

Now, you could certainly pull out the old school pen and paper to write it all down, but this can be time-consuming, confusing, and not very efficient. Today, you can take advantage of skills management software which will make it possible for you to identify where you are covered in the skills department and what you may be lacking. It can help you to identify where an employee would be the right fit too.

Create a More Streamlined Approach to Training

As you start to fill in the team skills matrix, it suddenly becomes clear where there may be gaps in specific departments or the company as a whole. Perhaps there are important tasks that are currently not being done because you don’t have the right person for the job. With a team skills matrix, you are looking at each person’s skill set,  so those gaps are easier than ever to decide.

Once those gaps are identified, you can create a training program or process that specifically addresses the areas that are lacking. With that same team skills matrix, you can figure out who the best candidates to train would be, and move forward from there.

Take the Questions Out of the Hiring Process

A team skills matrix can also make the hiring process much less confusing. You will be able to specify the exact skills you’re looking for in order to fill in the gaps in the matrix. This will speed up the hiring process and ensure the end results benefit the company.

The Matrix Can be Customized for Each Company

Then there is the fact that the team skills matrix can be customized to work for your specific company. It’s not meant to be a one-size-fits-all approach, as it’s the customization option that makes it more effective. This also means it can be used across the board by small to large-sized businesses in any industry. If you have employees, a team skills matrix will work.

Helping to Improve the Company’s Productivity Levels

At the end of the day, a team skills matrix is able to help you create a team that is effective, has the right skills for the job, and ensure you’re making the most of each employee’s skillset.

About the Author

Ella Woodward 

Writer and journalist Ella Woodward has the expertise and business knowledge to guide readers through the latest developments in the fast-paced business, financial and investment spaces. To learn more, visit


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