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Have You Read Ingaging Leadership by Evan Hackel?


Since Evan Hackel’s book Ingaging Leadership: 21 Steps to Elevate Your Business was published last year, more and more business leaders have been applying its lessons and lifting their companies to new levels of success. Evan, who is founder and principal of our partner company Ingage Consulting, has been attracting a lot of attention. He has given keynote speeches about his philosophy of Ingagement, been quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine, quoted in many publications, and much more.

So this could be a good time to ask whether you, too, are aware of how powerful his message can be.

To quote from Ingaging Leadership:

Ingagement is a leadership philosophy for those who believe that it is not enough to tell people what to do, but to involve their minds, creativity and even their emotions. In this chapter, we will get a first glimpse at how ingaged leadership works and how powerful it can be . . .When you align people and create an organization where everyone works together in partnership, that organization becomes vastly more successful.

Is It Time to Put the Power of Ingaged Leadership to Work?

If you haven’t yet put Evan’s philosophy of Ingagement to work, we invite you to learn

Click Above to Order Your Copy Today
Click Above to Order Your Copy Today

more and consider adding his book to your professional bookshelf. CLICK HERE to learn more and to download a complimentary copy of the Study Guide that accompanies the book. You may also CLICK HERE to order your company from

The time for using Ingaged leadership has come. We invite you to learn more.


Evan Hackel
Evan Hackel

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