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In-House Training vs. Taking Classes: Which Will Teach Your Employees What They Need?

You need to teach a specific skill to a group of your employees. You just found a course at a local college that seems to fill the bill. Or perhaps your industry association offers classes that might be just right.

Should you enroll your employees in those classes or develop a training program of your own? Let’s look at some of the considerations to keep in mind.

First, Pinpoint the Skills You Need to Teach

If you need to teach employees to use a particular software program or to use your new cash registers and you can find a course that focuses specifically on teaching those skills, that course might provide good value and get the job done.

On the other hand, if you need to teach a more complex matrix of skills that are needed to perform a job, it will probably be more effective – and in the end, more cost-effective – to bring in a training developer who can help you define the skills that you need to teach, and then to design a curriculum for them. So consider the job and the skills you need to teach and make the best choice.

Second, Review the Content of the Courses You Are Considering

What exactly do they teach? What percentage of their course units and lessons will be applicable to the jobs and the employees you are training? And what percentage will not apply?

Also look at the biography of the instructor who is teaching the course. Does that background tell you that he or she will teach skills that will apply to your employees and to your company? If so, the course might offer you good value.

Third, Consider the Timeframe

If you need to teach a finite set of skills for a group of employees only once, it might be more efficient and economical to have them take a course at a local community college, online, or through a professional organization. It might also be efficient to bring in an expert or consultant to work with your employees for an afternoon or a day. But if you envision that you will continue to teach the same knowledge to employees over a period of months or years, developing a true training program could offer you better results and better ROI.

Fourth, Consider Your Company’s Branding and Unique Value

Chances are that your company is unlike others – better than your competitors. If so, it could be worth investing more money and time to develop training that reflects your brand, company culture, and unique way of doing business.

Fifth, Remember That New Course Design Options Are Available to You

A member of Tortal Training’s Learning Development team can explain a number of flexible training options that can teach the skills you need at a cost that works for you. Call us today at 704-323-8953.





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