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Has an Inspiring Speaker Ever Changed Your Life? Guess what . . . it’s about to happen again!

Constance Sjogren

Have you ever had an experience like the one I am about to describe?

You’re attending the first day of a conference. Maybe you just arrived at the airport, got to your hotel, and threw your bags on the bed.

You dash downstairs to the opening session. You grab a bottle of water, find your way to your seat, and introduce yourself to a few people who are waiting there too.

Then you open your conference materials and ask, “Okay, who is speaking tonight?”

There, on the first page, is a picture of the keynote speaker and a bio. You read it over. Yes, this person has the kind of qualifications that get your attention. Maybe she is someone who started an important company after serving in the Air Force or the Peace Corps. Maybe he is someone who wrote a bestseller that people have been talking about.

Okay, you are ready to hear something interesting. But after the speaker is introduced and steps up to speak, something amazing happens . . .

He or she is simply a phenomenal speaker, and everyone in the room knows it.

As soon as you start to take notes, you notice that other people around you are doing the same thing. A kind of hush falls over the room because no one wants to miss a word that speaker is saying.

And then when the conference is over and you go back home, you discover that you are using the concepts and energy that that speaker sent your way. In fact, you start to wonder whether that keynote will turn out to change your life.

It Is about to Happen Again!

Yes, it is, if you attend our free Online Training Summit on June 9-10, 2021. There, you will hear advice from no fewer than eight inspiring speakers.

Who will these speakers be? In our post today, we want to highlight just one of them, She is Candace Sjogren, the cofounder and Center Director of Boston Breakthrough Academy. She is also a practicing attorney and a management consultant, where she leads strategy with venture-backed companies such as Marqeta, Inc. Previously, Sjogren was the founder and CEO of two fintech companies and Chief Strategy Officer at lending platforms Dealstruck and LoanHero.

Candace continues to serve as an angel investor and contributing author for Entrepreneur Magazine.

But you can’t have Candace change your life if you don’t attend Tortal’s Training Summit. You can fix that right now, just by taking a moment to enroll. It’s all-online, it’s free, and it will help you reach new levels of personal and professional success!

All of us at Tortal are hoping to see you there. CLICK HERE to register now.