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Learning Management System (LMS)

Save time and money with Tortal’s LMS

Are you looking for an affordable learning management system to effectively train your employees? With Tortal’s LMS you can easily create, distribute, monitor, and track the completion and success of your online training courses.

  • Create your own e-learning courses from your existing materials or choose from a library of thousands of prebuilt courses
  • Group employees and assign relevant training courses
  • Users can access and complete training courses on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device to get the information when they need it most
  • Measure the success of your training, and identify knowledge gaps by viewing the completion rates, number of attempts, and pass rates in the automated reporting system
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Our LMS Features

OpenSesame Online Courses

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OpenSesame seamlessly integrates into Tortal’s LMS to provide users with a catalogue of over 20,000 high-quality curated online training materials across 130 categories.

Self-Authoring Tool

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Take all of your company’s training documents and videos, and turn the content into quality SCORM compliant training material right in the LMS.

LMS Customizations

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Tortal will customize your Learning Management System to meet your needs and requirements for both branding, and custom training requirements.

Metrics and Measurement

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Track who is taking your training, completing modules and units, how they scored, and how effectively they are applying their new skills and knowledge.

Training on Mobile Devices

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Our mobile friendly LMS doesn’t just make all training available on mobile devices, but we specifically design training materials for the mobile experience.


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A training development company is only as good as the level of support it provides! We’re here to answer questions, modify learning materials, resolve technical issues, and more.


Our LMS is currently integrated with PayPal and but can integrate with any e-commerce solution (open API). This allows clients to charge for training when needed. Tortal's LMS also has the ability to accept coupon codes.

Optional Add On:
Out of the Box

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You don’t need to waste time and money developing unique content to teach widely-known competencies. Out of the Box offers quick learning solutions that can be deployed in hours.

Benefits of a Learning Management System

Safe and Easy Access

An LMS is an online hub kept safe by password protection. Online training materials are uploaded and then available to all authorized learners in real-time.

Results and Reporting

Managers have access to view staff members who have yet to fulfill training obligations.

Customizable Dashboards

Each employee can access his or her own dashboard where required trainings are uploaded.


Certain trainings are required in order for an organization to stay compliant. The lms training software assists in addressing any non-compliancy issues.

Complete Training Management

The LMS handles all tasks related to the delivery and management of e-learning materials. Enrollment, course completion and reporting tasks are done in a single hub.

New Hire Training

An LMS can house all of the online training materials required for a new employee to complete and get up to date on his or her training. Managers can easily enroll a new employee in an onboarding e-learning course within the LMS platform and track his or her advancements through the materials.

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Q: Can the e-course offering on an LMS be changed after launch?

The beauty of the right LMS is the ability to add or delete course offerings at any time. New information and materials can be added through the system and delivered immediately.

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Tortal Training Launches New Course Development Tools and Services

Learn more about Tortal’s course authoring tool, a platform that allows clients to author and update their own course materials as needed.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About an LMS – But Were Afraid to Ask

Learn what to look for when reviewing LMS systems and find out which hidden costs to watch out for – this webinar will help you feel confident in finding the best LMS to meet your needs.

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Five Powerful Strategies to Get the Best Results From Your LMS

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