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Food Handler Role


An overview of safety techniques all team members handling food should always practice.

Learning Objectives

• Explain the importance of proper hand washing and sanitizing.
• Describe when and where hand washing and sanitizing is required.
• Complete hand washing and sanitizing techniques to health standards.

• Recognize how food handlers can potentially contaminate food, other food handlers and consumers.
• Identify the components of a good hygiene program and practices.
• Know what actions to take should a food handler be sick or ill.

• Cook food to its correct internal temperature.
• Correctly check the temperature of food.
• Describe the importance of cooking food and holding it at the correct temperature.

• Identify the most common types of food allergens.
• Identify the symptoms of an allergic reaction.
• Know what to do should an allergic reaction occur.
• Correctly prepare dishes for consumers with food allergies.

• Define the basics of contaminants.
• Describe the populations at highest risk.
• Explain how food becomes unsafe for consumption.
• Identify the foods most likely to become unsafe.

• Explain the basics of OSHA.
• Recognize Safety Data Sheets.
• Interpret Safety Data Sheets.

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