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Lynn Buannic

AVP Learning Strategy


All of us are excited that Lynn Buannic has joined Tortal as a Learning Strategist. Lynn explains, “My professional goal has always been `deliver impactful learning at the speed of business.’ I work with clients to focus on understanding their need for change, their budget and the time requirement and my philosophy is, we will find a way! With a blank sheet of paper, anybody can write the Great American Training Masterpiece, but in business, we work within common constraints (budgets, culture, and timing) to craft effective training solutions.”


Lynn has spent more than 20 years creating, implementing, and measuring effective learning solutions in telecommunications and other industries. Back in the 1990s, she got her first job working for a small regional cable television company in New Jersey. When a colleague left to begin a small boutique consulting company, Maher & Maher, Lynn seized the opportunity to join her.

While at Maher & Maher, Lynn led the team that introduced a blended learning solution that reduced training time by over 50% and enabled an increase from three launches yearly to twelve. “A change of Biblical proportions,” she says with a laugh.

Getting Personal

Lynn lives in West Long Branch, New Jersey, and loves life there. “I’ve lived in Buffalo, Virginia, Denver, and New Jersey. But I grew up in New Jersey and I am a Jersey girl, and it is great to be back! I live a mile from the ocean and enjoy taking my dog Jersey to the beach!”

Lynn is part of a big, close-knit family that gets together every Saturday for dinner. Somewhere between a dozen and 25 people are always there. An important part of her family is Lynn’s wonderful daughter, Aimee, the mom to Lynn’s grandson! “Life is what we make it, and it’s my responsibility to make it a great day” Lynn says.

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