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Do Off-the-Shelf Training Programs Work?

If you need to train a group of salespeople or your front-desk hotel staff, it’s tempting to buy a ready-to-go training program. It doesn’t cost much, it seems to cover the basics . . . and maybe it features a high-powered presenter with a big name.

It might make sense to invest in one of those ready-to-go programs, or it might not. How will you know? Here are some questions to consider.

Does the program cover the specific skills you need your people to learn?

Before investing in any form of training, it is essential to define the specific skills that you want your training to teach. To define those skills, talk to the people who do the job currently, talk to their supervisors, talk to customers . . . find out what those skills are. (At Tortal Training, we apply the DACUM methodology to carefully define what a training program should teach.)

If an off-the-shelf program doesn’t teach those skills, or if it teaches a lot of skills that you don’t need, it isn’t a good choice. And remember, it costs money to train people, who need to take time away from their jobs to engage in training. You have to consider those costs and weigh them against what you will save by using a prepackaged training product.

Is the product customizable?

Some economical training programs can be customized to include training modules that cover topics that you want to add. Tortal Training’s OTB (Out of The Box) training solutions, for example, can be expanded to include topics the user chooses.

Does the product integrate with your LMS (Learning Management System)?

An LMS allows you to track who is taking part in your training, how much of the training they have completed, how they have scored on embedded tests, and more. If your training materials don’t integrate with your LMS, you will not be able to know how effective your training is.

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