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Preparing Your Salespeople to Sell to Today’s Highly Educated Customers


Cutting-edge insights from the Propoint blog

Something new is happening in the world of sales . . .

About 65% of sales prospects have already conducted extensive research online about what you are selling and are about halfway to making a buying decision before they contact you. 

That statistic from Walker Sands Communications is reported in “Millennials, Mobile and the Sales Trends that Are Taking Over In 2016,” a recent post on the Propoint blog. Propoint is a leading marketing agency that focuses on branding, website design and content marketing.

If your customers are already well up the learning curve, how should you sell to them?  Here are some recommendations from the post.

First, Create Content that Answers Questions and Gets Sales Prospects to Call You 

The key is to educate your prospects by making these features part of your content: 

  • Compelling product demos that show exactly what your products to
  • Case studies that describe how customers are using what you sell and the results they are achieving
  • Online reviews from current customers
  • Quizzes and other interactive content that entertains and engages potential customers
  • White papers that answer the questions your customers are most likely to ask
  • Apps and social content that reach today’s millennial buyers on their phones
  • A compelling call to action that clearly asks customers to contact you and gives them an immediate way to do it 

Second, Know How to Sell to Educated Customers When They Contact You 

The Propoint bloggers write that data is the most effective tool your salespeople can use to close sales with educated prospects today. 

“Analytics help remove the guesswork behind decisions,” the blog states, “analytics have already taken over marketing. Expect them to take over sales too.”

Data should not only be given to salespeople. To convey a consistent message, it should be shared throughout your organization so that everyone is citing the same product benefits and speaking the same language.


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