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Franchise Training Summit to examine engaging training techniques to keep you on top of your game

As a franchise professional have you struggled with how to structure the most effective training program, motivate the rest of your team or how to create innovative ways to keep it fresh without spending a fortune?  Next month franchise executives have the opportunity to meet with peers and training professionals to learn how to apply the concepts of innovation to their training program.  In addition, a process called the gamification of learning will be introduced.  These two engaging training methods will be explored at the Franchise Training Summit being held in Charlotte, North Carolina on Nov. 5-6.

“There is no place where a franchise training professional can interact with peers who face the same issues and share best practices.  At this Summit a trainer can pick up nuggets of ideas on how to use training more effectively, develop an action plan and see an immediate return on investment,” said Evan Hackel, president and founder of Ingage Consulting and one of the presenters at the two day event.

Attendees will learn why it’s important to create a culture within an organization that applies a design thinking methodology taking a people first approach with the following steps.

  • Listen to end-users of your training program, gaining insight from multiple perspectives
  • Problem solving methods, removing barriers
  • Visualize and brainstorm ideas
  • Collaborate, experiment, implement, get feedback and adapt

The gamification of learning will also be discussed in the Training Best Practices portion of the two day workshop. For example, by exposing a trainee to all types of real life everyday customer interactions, one can choose a solution  and see immediate results and the ramifications of their actions.   Attendees will learn fun ways of engaging their learners and find out how to make training stick.

“By encouraging a creative thought process within their franchise, and using more engaging training techniques the franchise professional can better leverage the power of training to reach strategic business objectives and have a clearer vision of what success looks like,” said Cordell Riley, president of Tortal Training, a development firm that specializes in online training, the primary sponsor of the Summit.  Riley is one of the speakers at the Summit.

There is still plenty of time to register for the event. To register and learn more about the Summit, visit

About Tortal Training:

Tortal Training, a division of Ingage Consulting, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a leading online training solutions provider that works with organizations to deliver efficient and effective online training, reducing overall training costs and providing cost effective online alternatives for organizations that are faced with regulatory compliance training.  Whether it’s operational, sales, or seasonal, Tortal creates comprehensive turnkey systems.  Overall, Tortal Training has successfully built more than 5,000 custom online training programs, many of those nationally recognized brands.  For more information, please visit or call (704) 323-8953.