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Tortal launches new Advisory Council to help optimize training programs and service offerings

The Tortal Advisory Council. Front row, left to right: Evan Hackel, Ingage Consulting, Debbie Huffman, Interim Healthcare; Danny Pagan, Tortal; Sandy Craven, SportClips. Back row, left to right: P. Allan Young, ShelfGenie; Ron DeFrece, Big Frog; Kathy Deal, Rita's; and Cordell Riley, president of Tortal.
The Tortal Advisory Council. Front row, left to right: Evan Hackel, Ingage Consulting, Debbie Huffman, Interim Healthcare; Danny Pagan, Tortal; Sandy Craven, SportClips. Back row, left to right: P. Allan Young, ShelfGenie; Ron DeFrece, Big Frog; Kathy Deal, Rita’s; and Cordell Riley, president of Tortal.


As a developer of online training programs, Tortal made a name for itself in developing highly interactive trainings that engage franchisees and their staff. With the recent creation of an Advisory Council, Tortal is taking interactive to a whole other level in seeking insights from its clients on how to improve its training programs and service offerings.

“With our new advisory council, we’re going beyond a post-training survey to involve our clients in how we can improve our products and offerings as well as our implementation,” said Cordell Riley, president of Tortal. “In fact, our next LMS enhancements roll out in a few weeks and many of them are a direct result of the input we received at this meeting.”

Tortal’s Advisory Council first met in May at the corporate headquarters of Ingage Consulting in Woburn, Massachusetts. Ingage, a franchise management consulting firm specializing in increasing performance through engagement, acquired Tortal earlier this year. In addition to Riley and Tortal colleague Danny Pagan, the meeting was attended by Ingage Consulting’s Evan Hackel and Deb Binder, and council members Kathy Deal of Rita’s, Sandy Craven of SportClips, Debbie Huffman of Interim Healthcare, Ron DeFrece of Big Frog and P. Allan Young of ShelfGenie.

Beyond introductions and discussions about the role of the Advisory Council, the inaugural meeting included conversations about enhancements with Tortal products, new content and the mobile capabilities of Tortal training programs.

“The key part of Ingage acquiring Tortal was the synchronicity of the two companies values and how our focus on engagement would mesh perfectly with the delivery of online training programs and vice versa,” said Hackel, founder and president of Ingage Consulting. “The Tortal Advisory Council is a fantastic example of that. By bringing these clients together, they will have the benefit of not only having their specific questions addressed but be able to hear from other Tortal clients and benefit from their insights.”

The Tortal Advisory Council is slated to meet in person as well as meeting via conference calls and webinar during the course of the year.

About Tortal

Tortal, an Ingage Consulting company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a leading online training solutions provider that works with organizations to deliver efficient and effective online training, reducing overall training costs and providing cost effective online alternatives for organizations that are faced with regulatory compliance training. Whether it’s operational, sales, or seasonal, Tortal creates comprehensive turnkey systems. Overall, Tortal has successfully built more than 5,000 custom online training programs, many of those nationally recognized brands. For more information, please visit or call 704-756-2895.

About Ingage Consulting

Ingage Consulting is a management consulting firm that works with franchisors and franchisees to increase sales and satisfaction; improve growth and retention and boosts loyalty and profits with their unique engagement methodology.

Ingage Consulting provides solutions that drive the cooperation, commitment, passion and loyalty of both franchisors and franchisees.  The company helps solve the problems of franchise organizations by offering services that range from partnership creation and vibrant intranet community creation to trust building, improved communication and strategic planning to customized online education training programs.  After a thorough assessment, Ingage Consulting devises solutions to a franchise organization’s challenges. These solutions may include the development of methods that maximize collaboration among franchisees/licensees or the development of a clear strategy and execution plan for change which is customized to meet organizational objectives.

Evan Hackel, Ingage founder and management expert, has more than two decades of experience in best practices, turnaround strategies and team dynamics.  He is often engaged to analyze franchise businesses, provide recommendations and facilitate strategic planning.  He is a member of the International Franchise Association and New England Franchise Association.

Ingage Consulting is located at 400 Trade Center, Suite 5900 in Woburn, MA.  For more information, contact (781) 569-5900 or visit the website

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