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Tortal Training announces new concept to beef up a training program that won’t sabotage your budget

Tortal Training, a leading online training provider is launching a new business concept helping businesses offer a larger assortment of pre-developed courses to their employees at a lower cost. The new courses, available through Tortal’s Out Of The Box Solutions, are designed for both the corporate sector and franchise industry and do not require customization. Courses are immediately accessible and will enhance an existing training program or jump-start a new training program at a fraction of the cost businesses typically spend on training. The courses focus on marketing and sales, management, technology and franchising.

“Utilizing these pre-developed courses will be about one-tenth of the cost of what it would cost our clients to produce a training program on their own. Many of the courses are generic in nature and this will enable employers to focus their dollars on programs unique to their business model,” explained Cordell Riley, President of Tortal Training.

A sample of the courses available from Out of the Box Solutions focus on the following topics:

  • Management: Coaching, Recruiting, Hiring, Managing Conflict
  • Marketing and Sales:  Sales 101, Online Marketing, Entrepreneur
  • Technology:  Quickbooks Pro, Power Point, Windows 8
  • Franchising:  What is Franchising, Roles and Responsibilities, Keys to Franchise Success

Adds Riley, “Keeping training costs low for franchisors will help grow a franchise faster and keep a franchisee longer producing a stronger, more attractive and better educated franchise.”

About Tortal Training:

Tortal Training, a division of Ingage Consulting, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a leading online training solutions provider that works with organizations to deliver efficient and effective online training, reducing overall training costs and providing cost effective online alternatives for organizations that are faced with regulatory compliance training. Whether it’s operational, sales, or seasonal, Tortal creates comprehensive turnkey systems.  Overall, Tortal Training has successfully built more than 5,000 custom online training programs, many of those nationally recognized brands.  For more information, please visit or call (704) 323-8953.