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Tortal Training “mobile-izes” online training programs, rolls out newest enhancements to improve access and ease-of-use

Tortal Training President Cordell Riley
Tortal Training President Cordell Riley


In an on-going effort to provide up-to-date technology that’s user-friendly, Tortal Training, a division of Ingage Consulting announced its latest enhancements to its Learning Management System to offer customers faster, more efficient access to their customized training programs. Those improvements include:

  • Enhanced mobile access
  • Saved report sharing
  • Bread crumbs tracking

The mobile access enhancement enabling clients to browse catalog and courses available, enroll and take the courses is a streamlined user-friendly function accessible from any mobile device.

The saved report sharing feature enables Tortal to create generic reports for clients to perform duties effectively that are geared specifically to their organization.

As the name implies, the bread crumbs enhancement helps the user keep track of where they are in a course catalog, making it easier to navigate throughout the catalog.

These enhancements and those in the developmental stage are the direct result of feedback from Tortal customers and their Advisory Council. The recently established Tortal Advisory Council made up of Tortal Training, Ingage Consulting, and executives from some of Tortal’s clients participated in discussions about how Tortal can better service clients to remain an industry leader in providing cost effective online alternatives.

“We are always looking to improve our Learning Management Systems and creating easy-to-use software that’s even more convenient is one of the many ways we can assist our clients in getting the most benefit out of their customized training programs, ” said Cordell Riley, president of Tortal Training. “Using Ingage Consulting’s engagement strategy, we leveraged our client base to get feedback directly from the field – those people that are hands on with the product on a daily basis.  That engagement and input is invaluable and made these enhancements even better.  The next round of enhancements, scheduled to go live in a few months, will continue to keep our training and our customers on the cutting edge.”

About Tortal Training:

Tortal Training, a division of Ingage Consulting, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a leading online training solutions provider that works with organizations to deliver efficient and effective online training, reducing overall training costs and providing cost effective online alternatives for organizations that are faced with regulatory compliance training.  Whether it’s operational, sales, or seasonal, Tortal creates comprehensive turnkey systems.  Overall, Tortal Training has successfully built more than 5,000 custom online training programs, many of those nationally recognized brands.  For more information, please visit or call (704) 323-8953.

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