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Be Proactive when Launching LMS Enhancements

. . . an excerpt from our forthcoming eBook, Maximizing Your Learning Management System

Gregg Dumont

If you have ever been an administrator for an LMS, you know they are always being improved and enhanced with new features.

It is good to continually improve business systems, but change is not always easy or smooth. For LMS administrators, questions like these often arise after changes have been made . . .  

  • “This feature worked perfectly yesterday . . . why did they change it?”
  • “I found instructions online on how to upload a video . . . but those instructions have not been updated and don’t work with the revised system.”
  • “My trainees are asking me questions I knew how to answer yesterday . . . today, I am at a complete loss.”
  • “They reorganized the user profiles for everyone . . . why?”

This helps explain why if you are an LMS administrator, it is very important for you to . . .  

  • Test and understand new features, so you are an expert.
  •  Back up training materials and records safely, in case problems occur.
  • Be proactive and announce new features instead of waiting for your users to discover them.
  •  Communicate early and clearly with users about changes, using articles and clear explanations. 

The more you get ahead of change, the fewer support tickets you will need to deal with in the days after updates are put into effect. Everyone, including you, will be less frustrated, and training will continue smoothly.  

To summarize, be very proactive when you launch new enhancements to your LMS. 

Today’s post is adapted from our upcoming eBook Maximizing Your Learning Management System, available soon. Details on how to order your copy will be posted soon on this blog! 

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