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Rely on Tortal for Economical, Easy-to-Deliver Training for Your Hospitality and Food Service Workers



If you have service workers who work in multiple locations, you know how labor-intensive and costly it can be to create a training program for them all. You have to deliver hands-on training to your employees in all your franchises, restaurants, hotels and health club food concessions, no matter where they work. You might need to create separate programs for English and Spanish speakers. You also have to be aware of local laws and regulations about handling food and prepare your employees to earn any local certifications.

Tortal’s Out of the Box Training Is Your Solution

Tortal Training, the franchise industry’s largest online training provider, now offers a turn-key, Out of the Box (OTB) Training Solution for Hospitality and Food Service franchises. Here are some reasons why OTB is your turnkey training solution:

  • OTB is expert-developed. No customization is required and it is ready to use immediately.
  • OTB saves you money. There is no need to have your company trainers travel to all your locations. OTB Training is delivered remotely, using state-of-the-art technology.
  • It’s bilingual. Training is offered in both Spanish and English.
  • Training is comprehensive. A complete curriculum, delivered in a series of 10 units, teaches your employees what they need to know about food safety, food handling, personal hygiene – and about food allergies that are a major concern for all food franchises and today. OTB even prepares your workers to earn local certifications where required.

To learn more . . .

To arrange a live demo of Tortal’s OTB Training, CLICK HERE. Or call us at (704) 323-8953.

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