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Remote Work Has Created New Opportunities for Training … Are You Benefitting?

hands holding and using a smart phoneBy Tortal Editorial Team

The Pandemic was a difficult time for working people, for their children and families, and for some companies too. And some of us paid the highest price of all when, during the earliest days of the pandemic especially, we lost friends and loved ones to the disease.

Yet despite the negatives, many companies have been revitalized by the new technologies that allowed employees to work remotely during the pandemic. Large numbers of employees, not to mention company leaders, suddenly learned to meet and collaborate using video meetings and other technologies. Without the pandemic, some of these team members would never have learned vital new skills that have become routine today.

As you know, many of these productivity-enhancing changes continue to be used by companies, even those that have employees returning to work in company facilities.

One company leader describes one such benefit when she says, “In the old days we had to postpone meetings when team members were not in headquarters. Now, we simply have those people log in remotely and participate in video meetings. Employees across the entire country are now integrated with in-house teams. The productivity increases have been astonishing.”

The Communication Floodgates Have Been Opened

Companies large and small have experienced similar benefits from the technology they applied during the pandemic.

Yet many companies have not yet capitalized on these technologies in a very important way . . .

They are not yet using the newly opened communication channels to deliver their training.

Companies that have learned to meet remotely with their employees using phones have yet to migrate their training onto them, for example. Other companies are not communicating training tips and messages to employees who are working in remote locations. Other companies have not begun to integrate their training into powerful Learning Management Systems that have developed new capabilities to track employees’ training.

A Brave New World of training has dawned. Are you taking full advantage of it? If you are not or if you do not know how, why not contact a Tortal Training development expert today to find out whether you are missing out on new ways to deliver your training more effectively and inexpensively?

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