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Ingage Consulting has always held a strong belief in the importance of training. Through our years of experience, we have seen how training can improve every aspect of a business. Over the years, we have partnered with training companies to more fully support our clients. In 2013 Ingage Consulting purchased the franchise industry’s leading training provider – Tortal Training.

Launch your training right

You invest a lot of money in your training program. Don’t forget that how you launch it can make or break your efforts. If you launch it and no one knows, it can’t meet your business goals. We have launched hundreds of training programs and can help you launch your new training program right. We’ll work with you to develop a plan to launch your training program leveraging your existing communication vehicles to ensure everyone impacted by the launch not only knows about it, but understands the benefits, is excited about the launch and eager to get started! With our approach, you’ll gain faster adoption to your training program and be well on your way to achieving your company’s business goals much faster.

Re-energize existing training programs

It can be difficult to keep people interested in a training program that has been in existence for years. If your usage has fallen, it might be time to breathe life back into your training program. We can help you by doing an analysis of your existing program, working with you to understand your business challenges and specific needs, and making recommendations on how to improve usage and, ultimately, move your business forward and see results.