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Instructor Led Training

What is Instructor Led Training?

Instructor Led Training (ILT) is exactly what it sounds like. It is a person-to-person learning environment where an instructor facilitates and answers questions within a training program.

While some suggest this type of training is outdated or becoming less relevant with the emergence of technology and video-based learning, we believe that ILT still has a place as one of the most effective and productive forms of training. A known fact in the training industry is that people like to learn together.

Since ILT is done in person, rather than online, it is a more engaging form of training. Most of the lessons promote activity-based learning where learners can have more fun with others going through the same training.

Benefits of Instructor Led Training

ILT is a highly-engaging learning environment, complete with activities and key things that will reinforce the learning. Once you’ve identified that ILT is the right method for your training program, it’s time to build your agenda with different, fun activities. You can use Bloom’s taxonomy for reference. During ILT, this method of training helps a learner create, analyze and remember content. This method is not easily used in virtual or online training.

Why Tortal Training?

Tortal is an industry-leading expert in learning development. Our vast training experience allows us to step in and promote learning. Each company has different training requirements and needs, which is why we develop custom materials depending on the topic, learning objectives, etc. An example of these materials includes: participant guides and other media assets. Additionally, Tortal provides a facilitator guide who walks the company’s facilitator through the activities and how to teach the class.