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What is Cloud Based Editing?

Tortal Training offers learning management system (LMS) platforms that are based in the cloud. A cloud-hosted LMS does not require users to install certain software or hardware to access tools. Instead, logging into the LMS with a username and password combination accesses editing tools. Tortal Training manages all systems updates and technical upgrades within the cloud to guarantee all edits made to content can be implemented without issue.

Benefits of Cloud Based Editing

If you are not yet hosting your LMS in the cloud, then you are not taking advantage of a valuable editing tool. Here is a small sampling of how editing through a cloud hosted LMS can benefit your company:

  • Scalability: Being able to edit a cloud based LMS is perfect for new and established companies. For businesses that start out small, the LMS can be updated at any point to accommodate more e-learners.
  • Improve Access: Cloud based edits could include adding more content to the LMS to accommodate users on different platforms. For instance, a LMS could have offerings that trainees can access on their mobile devices.
  • Instant Updates: With updates done remotely on the cloud, all users get the latest information as soon as the changes go live. It is no longer necessary to install updates for each individual software user.
  • Cost-Effective: Editing done on a cloud hosted LMS is less time consuming. You’re not required to budget for an IT specialist to update software each time changes are made to the LMS.
  • Data Protection: Cloud based editing can be done safely in a password protected platform. All data shared on the LMS can be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • More Storage: You no longer have to be selective about the edits made to your LMS platform. Since data is not stored on hard drives, you can make as many changes as you want without being mindful of disk space.
  • User Friendly: Edits on a cloud-based LMS are not difficult to manage. Cloud-based learning management systems have similar design features as many web applications—making adaptation seamless.
  • Streamline Training Process: When edits are done via the cloud, employees are getting the same training tools on a content delivery schedule that works best for you.

Why Tortal Training?

Tortal Training specializes in developing learning management systems with cloud editing capabilities. With our assistance, we install and manage a LMS—without requiring any software for installation or updating. Edits on cloud based LMS platforms reduce costs and can be launched as soon as possible. Tortal Training offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to customizing an eLearning platform that will benefit your business.

Cloud Based Editing FAQs

1)What type of support does Tortal Training offer for cloud editing?

Tortal Training has a team of technical professionals available to walk you through the process of implementing and managing your learning management system. Our support staff will answer all queries promptly and thoroughly.

2)What type of security is offered when editing a cloud hosted LMS?

All training materials are automatically backed up when you use a cloud hosted LMS. When editing content, you never have to worry about critical training data being lost.

3)What types of tracking tools are available with cloud based editing?

With cloud management of your LMS, you can not only implement any edits, but also analyze their impact on learning tool offerings. Reporting features allow authorized users to get details on course completion and performance. Responsiveness to edits made to the LMS can help you make decisions about future content uploaded.

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